How to Clean a Bedroom in the Rainy Season

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Hello everyone, don't feel the dry season is over and it's now entering the rainy season, marked by heavy rainfall in several towns. The rainy season is the moment farmers waited for, because they don't have to worry about irrigating their fields with river water.

Even so, for some men, the rainy season is a little inconvenient too. Besides the challenge of drying clothes separately, also because the mosquitoes multiply rapidly in the rainy season. You can see the difference between the dry season and the rainy season which is a lot of mosquitoes intervening in the rainy season. Mosquitoes are also frequently found in the daytime too , not just at night.

To that end, tidying up your bedroom often in the rainy season is good for all of my friends. There are so many advantages that you can get in the rainy season by tidying up your bedroom including:

  • Reducing mosquito population in the bedroom 
  • Make the bedroom feel more comfortable 
  • Keeping the bedroom temperature 
  • Makes you sleep better of course 
  • Anticipate wall, floor and bedroom roof leakage 
  • Keep the bedroom clean during rainy season
Here I share Tips to Tidy Up the Bedroom in the Rainy Season for those of you that are confused about where to start. It's not too hard actually, as you.

Walls and room ceiling clean

The rainy season makes your room so humid, a damp room makes spider-like insects like making nests, for which you often have to clean the nest. Usually stick to your room's wall, or ceiling.

These nests will weaken the wall paint durability if left unchecked. Where the walls become so warm when the rainy season arrives, because it collects plenty of rain water. If your room ceiling is provided you must also find a kind of plavon or ternite. Because when your room leaks precariously, you can find out by looking at your room's ceiling which is starting to be dark brown because it absorbs rainwater.

Sweep the bedsidebottom

A part that we often neglect when cleaning the bedroom is the bottom of your bed. Although that part is a spot where the naughty mosquitoes live. Considering the dirt brought by insects, rodents, lizards and so on, there are often very filthy there. Especially if you still use mosquito repellents and place them under your pillow, then you often have to clean them.

The bed's underside is also quite moist, and during the wet season it will get more humid. If you know, a favorite colony of mosquitoes and other small insects is the humid spot. When washing it, we'll find out if there's or isn't water in the room. Where water intake is a rodent favourite.

Arrangement of the bedroom shelves

Many bedrooms must have shelves and desks for storing things, mini wall shelves for reading books in my own space and maybe a few other items as well. Tidying up the shelves is also worth paying attention to the safety of the items on the shelves.

We still place drinks on our bedside table, too. There is, of course, a little water spilled on the table, so we often need to clean it so that the table and shelf are not easily damaged due to droplets of water.

How, not too much trouble washing and tidying up your bedroom. A clean and comfortable space helps you to sleep soundly, and you can get up to start the day in a fit state.

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