5 Wasteful Electronic Devices Monthly Electric Bills

Saving is the base of the rich, among small friends who still like to wasteful? Saving is indeed the choice of many people, especially those who are married, must be extra efficient because of the needs of many families.

Nonetheless, the monthly bill also increased because some issues were unforeseen and could not be resolved, one of which was the rise in bills for electricity. Electricity has become a big household need in this period. However, at relatively affordable costs, more and more electronic goods.

Each electronic device has different power, some power-efficient, and some power-waste. But most of them are at home and are often used as electronic devices that waste energy. In fact, these electronic devices are increasingly being used.

Here, I'm summarizing  5 electronic devices that consume a lot of electricity, which keeps monthly bills that.


Television is one of the electronic devices that is nearly in every home, because television is still an efficient and reliable means of information gathering. That's why every day, especially for those working at home, the use of television must be there. While those who work outside the home are only going to turn on the television from night to night.

Even though many TV devices are now called power saving, it will also consume a lot of energy if used continuously.


In addition to television, there is also a refrigerator or refrigerator for electronic devices that are certainly present in every home. There is indeed an increasing use of refrigerators. This is due to the need to store processed food ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, meat and milk and drinks.

Maybe the refrigerator is a contributor to the highest electrical power requirements of electronic devices. How not, the refrigerator must always be connected to electricity to prevent the process of storage and preservation from rapidly rotting. Every month, one refrigerator consumes 2-5 dollars of electricity.

Rice Cooker

Many people prefer innovations in this modern age that provide performance without being followed by other side effects. Rice Cooker is one of them. I don't think anyone in the towns and villages will cook rice the traditional way anymore. Rice Cooker would be favored by those in the region.

Worse yet, it fails to plug the rice cooker into a power outlet. Although it should only be sufficient when rice is cooked and when it heats up again when it comes to eating. Turning on the rice cooker will constantly increase the bills for home electricity.

Well that's the 3 electronic devices that use the most electricity, so it feels very expensive on the monthly electricity bill. This can be overcome, though, by using the right and as necessary. Saving not only by setting aside money or reducing wages and daily necessities, but also by regulating the use of energy at home.

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