Chord Gitar Maroon 5 If I Fell Acoustic

     C#m                                          C
if i fell in love with you would you promise to be true
     B         G#m
and help me understand
            C#m                       C
’cause i’ve been in love before and found that love is more
      Dm           G
than just holding hands

       C  Dm Em        Dm    G                    C  Dm  Em
if i give my heart to you i must be sure from the very  start
     Dm         G                 C   Dm  G
that you would love me more than her

       C   Dm Em   Dm                G
if i trust in you  oh please ,  don’t run and hide
      C   Dm  Em
if i love you too
     Dm           G                  C9
oh please ,  don’t hurt my pride like her
cause i couldn’t stand the pain
    Fm                        C           G7
and i would be sad if our new love was in vain
     C    Dm     Em
so i hope you’ll see 
     Dm       G     
that i would love to love you
C   Dm   Em      Dm
and that she will cry
     G                 C
when she learns we are two


     Fm      Bb         C
if i fell in love with you

Fm Bb C 

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